Game Larders

If you are involved in the management of a shoot you will likely be well aware that it is a legal requirement for you to store any shot deer at 7°C or less and shot small game at 4°C or below. For further information on the food hygiene requirements you can visit the Food Standards Agency or download:

Our range of modular cold rooms offers the ideal solution for keeping your game stored within these limits.

We can offer both integral \’saddle\’ type refrigeration units as well as full remote split condensing systems.

Saddle units are quick and simple to install, however they will reject their heat into the space around the cold room. This can cause the area to get hot if it is small or there are other heat sources in the area.

Split condensing units are the ideal solution for small areas as they reject their heat to outside.

For those who feel they have the hands on ability we offer DIY and assisted build options. If however you would prefer to avoid any stress we can take care of the whole project as a turnkey build.

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