Air Conditioning

Q: How often should I have my air conditioning unit serviced? A: As a general rule, anywhere between 3-12 months, this depends upon the usage of your unit(s). You should bear in mind that if any item has more than 3Kg of refrigerant then under the F-gas legislation you are required to have it leak checked by a qualified engineer at least every 12 months.

Q: Why would I consider installing air conditioning? A: Not only do our units provide ”comfort cooling” in the heat of the summer, they also offer an environmentally friendly method of heating in the winter, whereby a constant comfortable temperature is easily achieved. A comfortable environment can lead to dramatic increase in productivity.

Q: How is air conditioning an environmentally friendly heating solution? A: Air conditioning works by taking low level heat from outside, and converts it to usable heat in your building/home, providing approximately 4Kw of heat for every 1Kw of electricity used. When used by businesses enhanced capital allowance is often available for the cost of installation of air conditioning equipment.

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