Domestic Air Conditioning

Air conditioning for the home is a becoming increasingly popular for a good reason. Modern air conditioning will offer efficient climate control and our top quality systems boast heating as well as cooling. In heating our air conditioning units are working as an air source heat pump.

There is a wide range of unit options for your home and a selection of the most common types are shown below. If however you would like to see our full range please contact us.

Wall Mounted Unit These wall mounted units are quite small, tidy and \"Wallwhilst out of the way they still heat or cool the whole room evenly due to their position.

Floor Standing Unit These standing units can be easily placed out the way and can replace radiators or other heating appliances and can offer heating and cooling services.


Through Window/Wall Mounted System\"Through This type of unit is installed into a window of a room and designed to cool that specific room. An evaporator coil cools the interior while a condenser coil releases hot air outside. Window air conditioners work by removing both heat and humidity. This unit also doesnt require any external pipe work through the building.

\"CeilingCeiling Cassettes These ceiling and under ceiling cassettes are neat, tidy and out of the way for all sorts of use in different enviroments, due to their position they are the best at evenly spreading temperature.


Ducted Unit\"Conceiled Because the use of this ducted unit allows a comfortable installation of inconspicuous air outlets everywhere at the ceiling. This type is ideal for various room arrangements no matter what shape or size. The un-obstructive installation positively influences the aesthetics of the room whilst evenly spreading the heat/cooling load.

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