Commercial Air Conditioning

VRF System Variable Refrigerant Flow systems are the most modern and sophistica\"\"ted development of air conditioning system. With a VRV/VRF system is is possible to have up to fifty indoor units operating from a single large outdoor unit. The outdoor condenser is designed to respond proportionately to the number of indoor units operating. In most situations it is possible to have multiple units simultaneously operating in heating and cool. This offers the ultimate in flexibility. Individual indoor unit temperature can be changed independently or centrally, allowing personal choice as indoor and outdoor conditions change. An advancement on the already efficient heat recovery principal of a VRV system is the addition of hot water recovery units. These efficiently capture waste heat for your domestic hot water needs.


Ducted Unit\"\" Because the use of this ducted unit allows a comfortable installation of inconspicuous air outlets everywhere at the ceiling. This type is ideal for various room arrangements no matter what shape or size, The unobstructive installation positively influences the aesthetics of the room whilst evenly spreading the heat/cooling load.


Under Ceiling/Ceiling Unit\"\" These Celing Units are neat and tidy as they fit flush with the ceiling, due to their position they are the most efficient at spreading the heat load around the room evenly.

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